Felix Effing Dawkins.

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She stood up, she was so nice, and she points to Jay-Z and was like, “Oh, we just watched you on the Kennedy Center Honors, you were so great. You were so cute in your little red dress.” And she said that I had a little red dress, which means that she actually watched it, or it means I was having a stroke and I imagined the entire thing.

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can’t you imagine it though?

ginny’s going through a questioning phase and her older brothers keep making sex jokes so she writes in her diary “what’s a clitoris?” and tom’s on the other side like “i am a dark lord but i have a duty to this poor girl”

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UCF two tallest volleyball players and shortest cheerleader

its like they’re not even the same species.

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What a fucking sociopath, how you just post Vegan cupcakes nonchalantly like you just didn’t pull the stunt of the century

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