"Dude, we are the biggest Paily shippers of all time. It’s so easy, the dynamic between us now. I feel like we see each other as human beings, and I feel like we’re sort of on the same vibrational path. I couldn’t have more respect for her if I tried. She reminds me all the time of what it’s like to be a good person, and that always translates to what we do on screen." - Lindsey Shaw on her chemistry with Shay Mitchell

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a minute with shay mitchell [x]

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Lindsey showing Shay love.  PLL crew showing Lindsey love.  
oh ok, it’s not like I wanted to stop having Paily feels anytime soon

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“She keeps things so positive. Beauty is the only thing I can describe. Everything she does is beautiful, everything she looks at – she’s just all about beauty.”

    — Lindsey Shaw on Shay Mitchell (SheWired Interview)

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“Shay is my favourite, she’s made me who I am.” — Lindsey Shaw (via paily-is-my-otp)

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@norbuck: Hanging with @keeganallen, @ladyshawsters, and @shaymitch on Tuesday night.
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Shay Mitchell ‏@shaymitch
Gangsta #Paily in the house. @LadyShawsters ;p


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