Aria: Since…right before school started.
Spencer: Oh my god, since Labor Day?!

okay were me and my friends the only ones who just burst out laughing at the absurdity of spencer’s labor day outburst like i know when people tell me things that happened right before school started my first thought is OH MY GOD THAT’S LABOR DAY HOW COULD THIS HAVE BEEN GOING ON SINCE LABOR DAY ANY DAY BUT LABOR DAY and then aria’s like YES, SINCE LABOR DAY PLEASE SPENCER, DON’T REMIND ME I ALMOST COULDN’T BELIEVE IT WAS LABOR DAY MYSELF IN FACT WHEN I WAS STRADDLING HIM IN THE LITTLE BOY’S ROOM OF SOME SEEDY PUB I COULD NOT HELP BUT THINK WOW, I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING ON LABOR DAY


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Orange is the New Black + Dancing

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Welcome Elijah Morris!

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I: you got a special birthday wish, tell me about that

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Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed in Argentina (2011)

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kanye west talks about kim kardashian and baby north west

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Prettylittleliarsa Follow Forever

*Please ignore the edit because it sucks and yeah*

Since my last Follow Forever was in December I decided to do this one just to thank you all for being awesome and making beautiful edits and making my dash full of great stuff. Without you guys here I would have probably left tumblr to get a life but nope (because you are my life (^o^) ).

So yeah, I love you all (:

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The Minnesota Senate passed marriage equality today! By a margin of 37-30, the senate approved the measure, which was approved by the house on Friday. It will now go to Governor Dayton, who has pledged to sign it.

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